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When it comes to video playback on Symbian smartphones, the Nokia N8 turns a new page.

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The playback was silky smooth on all files with a resolution up to and including p, which is quite impressive. Nokia N8 video plyer. The media player app itself only works in fullscreen landscape mode but, since anything else would have made the widescreen display useless, this is understandable. When in fullscreen, a press on the screen shows the controls, which are normally hidden. The amply sized high-contrast screen is also more than welcome for truly enjoying your clips. Watching a video on the N8. Some restrictions do apply, though. For one the handset cannot play any file that is larger than 2GB and you cannot fast forward and rewind ones larger than 1.

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If you manage to keep your files below that limit which basically excludes full-length p HD movies you will be fine. Nokia should be able to easily fix all those little shortcomings in some future software updates. You can search through the already preset or new stations with sweep gestures or you can use the virtual buttons. The FM radio app is nice to look at and easy to use. The N8 has RDS support and automatic scanning for an alternative frequency.

This means that if you travel, the N8 should be able to take care of auto-switching to the frequencies of your selected radio station. The RDS is the best part of N8 radio app. The radio station name gets displayed with cool effects across the whole screen, while the rest of the RDS readings are printed in nicely legible text on a line at the bottom. Nokia N8 is among the few phones to come with a built-in FM transmitter.

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This cool feature allows you to stream the music on your phone to any standard FM radio receiver nearby at a frequency of your choice. The FM transmitter UI is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is find an unoccupied frequency slot within the standard FM scale between Finding a position without radio interferences is harder in some places than in other big cities have quite some radio pollution.

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  7. But whatever the case with the available frequencies, the FM transmitter app is simple enough to guarantee smooth and easy operation. You should also keep the phone and the receiver within close distance or the signal quality quickly deteriorates. November edition Smartphone buyer's guide. GSMArena team , 12 October Director of photography Nokia N8 review.

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    File manager, multimedia, audio quality. File manager duly covered Unlike some competing platforms Symbian handsets have always enjoyed a proper file manager. The file manager With the Nokia N8 and its USB on-the-go support you can also use the file manger to access USB flash drives and even other phones connected over the supplied cable. The N8 image gallery Also we miss kinetic scrolling and panning, which will cost the N8 a few more points. Zooming in on a single photo Selection of multiple photos for deleting or sharing is available straight from the gallery.

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    Music player got new album art Symbian never had trouble with the music player functionality but its looks were not quite impressive. The music player got a visual upgrade too With the huge number of supported formats, available equalizer presets and effects the picture is complete. Functionality is pretty solid too Quite naturally, the player can also be minimized to play in background. Impressive audio quality Nokia N8's multimedia prowess wouldn't be complete without high quality audio output.

    And here come the full results so you can see for yourselves: Impressive video player, but no subtitles When it comes to video playback on Symbian smartphones, the Nokia N8 turns a new page. I was too delighted with my new Nokia N8, 2 years back. Google Play store offers tons of useful applications and HD games which can be easily installed on any Android Smartphone. You can even side-load.

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    APK installation files without any restrictions with the help of default file manager. I care still more for Symbian than android, But the fact is we are zombies right now. Nokia abandoned Symbian. And Microsoft gave us the middle finger. WoW its like Ferrari Quit making parts, for all of their top nostalgia cars. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

    Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Search for: Android Fan Club. Comparison , News Update. While last year Windows Phone started to rise gradually.

    Users cannot transfer the content via Bluetooth unlike in any other Symbian Smartphone. Even Windows Phone 7. Even now with Windows Phone 8 there is no default file manager application to manage the data within the phone. You must have to jailbreak your iOS and Windows Phone device in order to side-load applications. You cannot install. Design Comparison: Blackberry Z10 vs.