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To access additional settings, tap "More settings". Yes No I need help 8 On the Manage accounts screen, tap the trash can icon in the upper-right corner. Yes No I need help 9 Select the account you want to remove, and tap "Done". Tap "Remove" when the pop-up box appears. Yes No I need help. Before you go ahead and change your settings, make sure you are connected to the internet. Follow these steps. Some people set so many email accounts in their phones, some of which are completely useless.

The following steps will guide you in deleting these accounts. While the built in email app on the Galaxy S3 is an excellent starting point for sending and receiving emails on the go, some users may find the lack of features limiting to their needs. A common problem is when setting up a POP3 account in the default app and syncing your emails, the mail will no longer be available on the server. So when syncing another device for the same account or checking the account through your provider's website, you will find that the messages showing on the S3 are no longer available there.

If you are using a Gmail account, there is an easy workaround; just follow the steps below. Yes No I need help 1 Go to Gmail on a computer and log in to your account. Once you are at your inbox, click on the Settings wheel in the top right corner and then click "Settings". Click this to continue. Under the drop down box, select "Keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox" or "Mark Gmail's copy as read", which will both leave a copy on the server for you to sync with other devices or read on the Gmail website, even after you have received them on your Galaxy phone.

Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the window and you're done. For those users who do not have a Gmail account, there are other options, although it is recommended to use a Gmail account with the S3 Email App or official Gmail App for a hassle free experience. Some ISP's offer a similar functionality in your mail account setup as the steps listed above. Contact your provider to find out more.

For those looking for a full featured mail app with such settings built in, just search "email" in the Google Play Store and find an app that interests you or try out the top rated MailDroid or K-9 Mail. If you want to retrieve a deleted email account, you need to have Android Data Recovery software. Not only can you retrieve lost email accounts, but also deleted text messages and contacts. You can download free trial versions of the software on the net, either for Windows or Mac.

After launching Wondershare Dr. Phone for Android, you'll get the primary window below. Connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable. It is better to connect one device at a time, and make sure your Android phone is available for Wondershare Dr. Phone for Android check the list here. Now you need to enable USB debugging on your device.

Follow the detailed expression in the window to set it now. For Android 2. If you have enabled USB debugging on your device before, you can skip this step. After you get the USB debugging down, the program begins to connect your device. Click "Start" to analyze the data on your device. Before starting, please make sure that the battery is charged to more than 20 percent to ensure a complete scan.

Deleting a User or Profile

After your device is detected, you need to allow the program super user authorization on the screen of your device. Just click "Allow" when the message pops out on your device's screen. Yes No I need help 4 Now you are ready to scan your device for data on it. Once your device has been successfully detected, click "Start" to scan it. Do not disconnect your device during the scan, or the scan will fail. Yes No I need help 5 Preview and recover. The scan will take you a while. After that, you can preview all recoverable data found in the scan results one by one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 - Edit a User Account

Actually, the current messages, contacts, photos and videos are also scanned out in the result. Deleted SMS and contacts are shown in red or orange. You can separate them by the color. After previewing, mark those you want to keep and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Yes No I need help 3 From the list, scroll down and tap on the Email icon. Yes No I need help 4 Tap on the menu situated at the lower left side of the screen and wait for a few seconds. Yes No I need help 5 A popup menu will appear immediately, and you need to scroll down on it to see "Settings". Yes No I need help 6 Tap on "Settings.

Yes No I need help 7 Select and click the email account for which you want to change the password. Yes No I need help 8 Once you are on your selected mobile account, scroll down and go to "More settings". Yes No I need help 12 From the outgoing settings, go to the password field and change it. Yes No I need help 13 The password on your email as stored on your device is now changed. Yes No I need help 14 You may or may not find a notification later, depending on the kind of email account on which the password has been changed.

Yes No I need help Take note: These changes are only on the client side, i. If you want to change your email account's password, you need to do it on your provider's official site. Transferring files from a PC into a device is possible, but the process is more difficult. However, there are ways to transfer files from your PC to the device.

Check the steps again and make sure you follow them. If there is really no trash bin icon on your device, which is very highly unlikely, restart your device and try again. Yes No I need help If the trash can is no longer located in the top right corner of your email screen, you can find the trash by looking at the bottom of the screen and pressing on the folder. When pressing on the folder you will be able to view the trash folder. Yes No I need help I have changed my password on incoming and I am now attempting to change my outgoing password, but I am getting an invalid error.

If you are getting an error while changing your password on your Outgoing Settings, then these are the possible things that you should look into:. Yes No I need help How do I delete emails from phone and desktop? I can delete emails on my phone, but they won't be deleted on my desktop when I log in there - same for when I delete from desktop, emails are still on my phone - I am constantly deleting emails I already read or do not want! Yes No I need help The reason behind this is that it takes a while for the devices to sync with each other.

Give them time to synchronize with each other and do tasks on one device until it fully synchronizes with the other. Yes No I need help After you delete an email press the "Synchronize" button to that it is applied, not only to your device, but also to the servers of your email and other devices. When you delete an email from your phone there is a waiting period before they are deleted online on your desktop. Allow at least 10 minutes for the server to sync with all of your accounts in order to have the email removed fully from your account.

Yes No I need help My Samsung 3 keeps sending My Samsung 3 keeps sending I rang Vodafone they said to cancel my email account on the phone and start again. I have done this but it is still happening please, someone, help!

Yes No I need help This issue is not happening because of your device, but your email account in general. You need to visit your email website in order to change the settings that will limit how many emails will be sent out to your devices other than your inbox in your email account. Yes No I need help The solution to this issue is to change the settings of your email and limit the emails you send to your devices who use the same email other than the inbox of your email. If this is a company related email, I suggest you talk to your IT department about the correct settings. Yes No I need help How can I enter a new password?

I have successfully gone through all the steps, including entering my email address and NEW password. When I then click "Next," it tells me I have already used this email address and won't let me go further. Can you help me? What I want to do is keep my original email address but put in a new password. Yes No I need help Thank you.

This is because you must remove the email first before you try to change your password, go to your website where you email was created and first change the password there before entering your email address back into your device. Yes No I need help This is happening because your email account is already in use, also you will need to remove the account from your device and start the process again with your new password in order for you to gain access to your email account.

Yes No I need help I just set up a second email account on my Samsung S3, but don't know how to access it. I hope you can help me. Yes No I need help If you are using the phone's default email app, you can switch account views from within the app. Yes No I need help Alternatively, you can also install the Yahoo mail app and set up notifications for all your incoming mail. Check out the Yahoo mail app here:. Yahoo Mobile. After selecting the account you want to monitor, you will be taken to the list of emails for that account.

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I work for 2 companies. When I set up the email accounts they are lumped together. I need to have them separated.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 - Remove a User Account

How would I go about doing that? This could be happening because you have synchronized your email accounts. In order to have 2 separate accounts, uninstall the synchronized email account altogether, and then re-install each account separately. Do not synchronize those accounts and you will get 2 separate email icons. Yes No I need help Hi, I hope you can help me. I have Samsung IV, trying to find the way how can I set up few email accounts. To be able to set up multiple accounts on your phone, you will just need to download and install a third party application from Google play and manage it freely in your device.

How do I create multiple user profiles for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S? | Samsung Support HK_EN

Here is the link https: Aqua Mail is an E-mail application for Android devices to simply exchange and manage all your e-mails accounts in your device. I do see them in my Yahoo account from a PC. A JUNK folder was also created, and many e-mails were moved from the in-box to this folder.

I then installed the Yahoo mobile app. MY long question - what is the best way to have Yahoo e-mail available on my device? Thank you. Yes No I need help If you have the Yahoo email synced on your S3's mail app, I would suggest you undo it and stick with the Yahoo mail app instead. For some reason, when using S3's mail app with a Yahoo account added, the inbox never gets updated or syncs with the actual account when I log in on using a PC.

Using the official Yahoo Mail app, though, has fixed that issue. Just make sure to keep the app updated at all times and it will sync on the PC web site as well. Yes No I need help You have all the answers when it comes to phones. Your site on line is absolutely fabulous and I thank you for providing all the answers when it comes to cell phone problems!

I just fixed my Galaxy after finding your web site. The way you explained how to solve a matter was so perfect. I wasn't getting my email and just solved my problem thanks to you! Yes No I need help We are always very happy to help you out the best we possibly can. Please tell your friends about us, and come back. We will be here - ready to write the articles and answer the questions you need.

I know that I have emails as I can access them when I log into a computer. Sometimes, it depends on your carrier's speed data connection or WiFi. You will have to wait a little longer for it to completely sync all of the email on your S3. Computers are usually faster than mobile phones so there is a lag between synchronization between your PC and mobile device. Yes No I need help My S3 does not have that app. It is a bit odd that you do not have an email application installed on our phone.

It is a standard and a preset application that should have been installed on your mobile phone. Double check the list of applications you have on phone, if you have accidentally hidden the application. Double check it, as you may have included the email app in it. Yes No I need help If you have checked it already, and are still not able to see the email application on your phone, try to download an email application for your phone.

Yes No I need help If you have a different email account other than the Gmail, you may download the:. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. Touch Users. A Welcome screen appear. Touch Next. Touch the new profile of your choice to make any additional changes. How do I change the wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

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