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Fruit should be simmered until the sugar is added, but from then on, it is best to boil as fast as possible until setting point is reached. If necessary skim near to the end of cooking.

If there is only a little scum, dissolve with a tiny lump of butter stirred in after the jam has reached setting point. Alternatively put a teaspoonful of jam on a cold plate, leave in a cool place for a few minutes, if the jam wrinkles when pushed with the tip of your finger it has reached setting point. Skim if necessary and pot immediately. Wash, rinse and dry the jam jars remove any traces of old labels or any traces of glue if recycling, sometimes pretty tricky but methalated spirit will usually do the job.

Lids may also be sterilised in the oven — 5 minutes is fine.

The Art of Jam Making

Fill the pots to the top to allow for shrinkage on cooling use a jam funnel, to avoid drips cover immediately with sterilised screw top lids if available or jam covers. One can buy packets of jam covers in most shops or supermarkets. These are made up of three elements, a silicone disc of paper, a large round of cellophane and a rubber band. When the jam has reached setting point, pour into sterilised jars.

How to make Blackberry Jam by A-C

Cover immediately with silicone discs slippy side down onto the jam. Wet one side of the cellophane paper, then stretch it over the jar, and secure with a rubber band. If the cellophane disc is not moistened it will not become taut when the jam gets cold. Later the jars can be covered with doyleys or rounds of material or coloured paper. These covers can be secured with rubber bands plain or coloured, narrow florists ribbons tied into bows or ordinary ribbon with perhaps little dried flowers or herbs.

Really delicious jams are always a welcome present and are also very eagerly sought after by local shops and delicatessens.

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Remember if you are selling your jams to cost it properly, taking jars, covers, labels, food cost, heat, etc. A formula used by many is food cost x 3. This would cover all the other items mentioned. If you are producing jam for sale you must contact the health authorities and comply with their regulations. Pectin is the substance in fruit which sets jam.

It is contained in the cell walls of fruit in varying degrees. It is higher when the fruit is under ripe. Acid e. Some fruits are higher in pectin than others e. In these cases, it is necessary to add acid in the form of lemon juice or commercial pectin. Raspberry jam is the easiest and quickest of all jams to make, and one of the most delicious. Loganberries, boysenberries or tayberries may also be used in this recipe, too. Wash, dry and sterilise the jars in the oven for 15 minutes. When the sugar is hot, put the berries into a wide, stainless-steel saucepan.

Mash them a little and cook for minutes over a medium heat until the juice begins to run, then add the hot sugar and stir over a gentle heat until the sugar is fully dissolved. Increase the heat, bring to the boil and cook steadily for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently frozen berries will take 6 minutes.

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  • Darina Allen's Jam Making Tips;

Test for a set by putting about a teaspoon of jam on a cold plate and leaving it for a few minutes in a cool place. Press the jam with your index finger. If it wrinkles even slightly, it is set. Remove from the heat immediately. Skim and pour into sterilised jam jars.

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Cover immediately. Keep the jam in a cool place or put on a shelf in your kitchen so you can feel great every time you look at it! First prepare the fruit juice using about 1 lb g fruit to obtain 5fl oz ml of juice. Put the strawberries into a wide stainless steel saucepan, use a potato masher to crush about three quarters of the berries, leave the rest intact in the juice.

She gave a recipe for blackberry jelly, and also a recipe for when blackberries are scarce: Makes 4kg 9lb approximately g 2lb blackberries 2.

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Sprinkle them with one pound of sugar and let them rest overnight. Next day, simmer them gently to extract the juice. Strain the juice. Peel, core and slice the apples and put them in a preserving pan with the blackberry juice and the rest of the sugar. Heat the contents of the pan gently and stir the mixture until the sugar is dissolved, then bring the jam to the boil rapidly until it sets when tested.

This makes about 4kg 9lb jam. Irish Gift.

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Mind, Body. True Crime. Featured Authors. Every kitchen should have a good stainless steel pan or preserving pan. A sugar thermometer is also useful for testing the setting point for jam. I often also use the saucer test for setting. You pour 1 tsp jam onto a cold saucer or plate and leave it to cool for a few minutes. If the surface wrinkles when pushed with a fingertip, the jam has reached setting point. I find a really good quality clean soft cotton shopping bag is absolutely brilliant, fantastic.

Recycle all jars for jam. Your jars should be scrupulously clean, with any old labels removed and then sterilised. When you have filled the jars with jam, you can seal with a wax paper disc on the surface of the jam. Then add cellophane, dampened on one side, and pull tight over the top of the jar and secured with an elastic band. If you are bottling fruit you need Kilner jars with the rubber seals and metal clasps. Use a fresh seal every time and stand the filled jars in water with the lids on till they are sealed.

If you are pickling you want a good balance of salt, sugar, vinegar and spices. For jam, the quality of the fruit is important. Good fruit will have natural pectin to help the jam set. People often ask me about jam sugar.