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What ip does it get when it is not static? Then you cannot give it a fixed address of Please post your suggestion as an answer Restart your router and before check if falls within the pool.

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TitusCln TitusCln 79 2. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. In such cases, the IP settings will be assigned by the Router during the setup phase of your wireless connection. The IP addresses will be different each time you are connecting to the wireless network. In some cases, you may want to change the default IP settings to connect with a static IP setting or you want to see the IP Address details that are currently connected.

We can see the IP settings of Android Phone or Tablet very easily and change them Manually if necessary by the following procedure.

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Open Settings from your Android Phone or Tablet. Go to wireless settings. Now you can see the connected Access Points there. We can open settings by long press on the corresponding connection. Droid people say they do it the right way and the rest of the world is wrong.

Set a Static IP-Address on Android 8

Your router will need to accept such configuration as well which is not always the case. My example uses This is for DNSMasq btw. Try to disable wifi, wait 3 secs, enable wifi again and it should work. The main problem I have with leaving the static IP from the DHCP lease is that the next time you connect to that network you will most likely have an IP conflict because of someone else using the same IP. Not to mention that mobile devices should be able to connect to Wireless easily.

The fact that Droids are the only systems that have this problem is even more annoying. Even my old PALM connects fine.

How to Assign a Static IP Address (Windows 8/10 + Android)

Old Wii connects fine as well. You completely Solved my problem. Glory to people taking time to help other people with problem they cant comprehend. The problem was, my home is apparently too popular a place, as we had too many devices log onto the wifi over several years. These individual addresses are assigned to connected devices so that bits of information you request with any device when doing anything online are delivered to the right place: It should take you directly to a login screen instead of an internet search.

Simply increase the last number group listed on the IP looking address. For me, we literally had unique devices that had connected to our network in the past. So I deleted one The problem was these little addresses were maxed out!!! This means you can no longer identity the 5X. I followed the instructions and it worked! Few minor adjustments probably due to different phone models I have a Samsung s7. Long-press on the desired wifi connection and a drop down menu will appear 3. Change IP settings to Static and type in the values in the screenshot 6. Should work. Oh my god….

Awesome, this solve my problem cuz i tried a lot of trick like 6 hours and i found this trick. Switch off the Wi-Fi 2. Switch on the airplane mode 3. Wait for 10 Sec 4. Open the Wi-fi, It will connect in 5 sec 5. Switch off the airplane mode. Worked for me, but I also had to change the gateway, prefix length, and DNS to match what my phone automatically picked up.

Samsung S4 shows wrong ip while downloading. Nothing has worked for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. Still getting this error. I have no idea how to fix it! I have no idea how to prevent this from happening I the future. Contact them. If you have access to the modem, you can resolve the issue yourself. On the back of your modem is a reset button. With an object, like a paper clip, depress the reset button for a full 60 seconds. You will see the power light switch to red. Continue holding for the full 60 seconds.

Now unplug your modem from the wall socket for 10 seconds and replug into socket. Your modem will reboot and assign the ip address. Your phone Wi-Fi will now connect if passwords were previously assigned to the network. Otherwise, connect your Wi-Fi to the network by entering the password.

I have this problem while using my G6 as a hotspot my Windows computer and my Android tablet keep dropping the connection telling me unable to obtain IP address. Thanks so much. If nothing else is working for you and you are as desperate as i was, try factory reset on your mobile. It will solve the problem. Thank you! Really this trick is working in my all handset. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate your work.

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I Dont understand what is meant by change the IP? Just put any random number there? I did try that, it connected but with no internet. Try restarting or rebooting your router and also try to use forget network option on you smartphone. After that you can easily connect to you wifi network. I have tried all of these steps, and it refuses to connect.

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Connecting to WiFi with Static IP Address on Android - Stack Overflow

Micromax bolt a Thanks a lot for the suggestion to change the ip address. Sorry I forgot. It is samsung tab Double check what you wrote on the boxes. You have to provide the Password first for the network then the Save button will be enabled. This worked for me! THank you very much, it worked!! Maybe one of the apps was interfering with ip lease? Thanks man! I should have seen this earlier but your article cleared my head in no time. Thanks Much , the static IP setting worked for me.. Hi Amogh, With the above tip connected to WiFi , but cant able to access internet.

Thanks buddy.. You saved my life….. Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses 8. Amogh, Can you prease give me one IP Address. I have entered same details as below IP — You can choose from Thanks Guys.

I did tried all options. Static IP did helped….

How to Fix Failed to Obtaining IP Address Error in Android

No dude, It shows connected. But actually not. Remember do not disconnect before changing back to DHCP.