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Now, there is a lot I do not know about the game, but I have definitely learned a grate deal since I started playing. Haha, just kidding, but please, if anyone sees something I got wrong or that you question, please correct me or raise the question! INDEX 1. What constitutes a good player in TE? ARENA etc 8. So what type of game is Top Eleven? Do you have to play 3 hours per day?

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Can you survive playing 5 minutes a day? For me there is only one way to play these games, and that is to go all in and to play a lot more than I am sometimes willing to admit lol. So, what is the "best" way to play this game if you want to become as good as possible? From level 1, my understanding is that the best option to become as good as possible as fast as possible is to: I have a hard time seeing that there is any viable alternative to this strategy if you want to become as good as possible in this game, but if anyone have any suggestions please let us know!

But, if you do not want to play that much, I definitely think you can be very competitive playing just minutes a day. The key is to be active, a lot of features in the game rewards players that just shows up and log-in regularly. You do not need to train your players for 20 minuts a day, 1 minute is basically enough.

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Most players only perform well in one or two positions. My experience is that playing a player long-term out of position pretty much is a no-go, they just suck in general if used out of position.

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Early in the game you will not have a strong bench or an abundance of good players, hence it is important to establish some sort of fundamental tactical formation early on and get players with preferred positions for that formation. My experience is definitely however that you can survive season 1 and compete in the league, Cup and associations with only eleven players if you farm rest packs. One or two subs that are good won't hurt, but I've gotten by basically with only 11 guys. I have however filled out my roster with the cheapest scrubs I could get to help get full bonuses when the schedule was tight.

A topic I touch on in the section designated for Lvl 2 see separate post, "New Season" , the quality of your top 14 players matters for the Cup draw. I don't advice anyone to dump all their players, but if you will not use a veteran player in an upcoming season, I would advice you to sell him late in the season. If your scrubs used to get training bonuses see below is stars, it will also help your draw a little bit. When you get beyond season 1, I think it is advisable to get your hand on a few more bench players.

That is a topic that is more than enough for a guide in itself.

A true beginners guide for ambitious players!

In this section I will focus more of how to approach this part of the game in general. I do however want to point out that the engine in the game is very adjustable. I have seen someone very knowledgeable at this place claim that its possible to win the treble with any of at least the top 30 most common formations.

I think there is a lot of truth to that. So doesn't it at all matter what strategy, formation and so forth you have? No, it certainly matters a great deal. But there is a lot of room to fine tune a formation and find a strategy and group of players that will function well in it. You also must make a decision in game whether to try to adjust to the opponent or believe in "your" formation. My take on this question is the following.

Both sides have 11 players.

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If one team has an advantage in terms of more AMCs, the same team will of course have a disadvantage somewhere else on the field. I have learned that many players counters the opponent to a pretty large extent. And so forth. I think this basically is the "Million Dollar Question" in TE, in game-play, when do you bet on the strength you have the field and when do you weaken that strength to match an advantage the opponent have? It is not digital, either 1 or 0. There is no formation that "works", in like giving you a distinctive edge, against all other or even most of the other formations.

Even a flawed team competes. A safe formation like v can be exploited, and so forth. I think this is an important lesson to learn, I think many managers has a preference of how soccer should be played when they start playing TE, and then take that preference into the game. If you really like wingers and very offensive teams, in this game that will make you weak at center field and the way the engine works that will give you much less possession.


And I don't dislike that with the engine either, because in modern football we are seeing more and more teams overload at center field. That is where the main battle is fought, in short. Its perfectly possible to be very dangerous with a defensive team that counter-attacks or just sits back with low pressuring and a normal style. I definitely think that it is a safe approach to start a game with a normal mindset. A strong advice I have is to be -- poised -- in games. I don't know how many times I have faced an opponent that has been better and played better than me, but then I was lucky to take the lead and the rest of the game became a walk in the park because my opponent tilted and went with hard attacking and 3 strikers and what not.

I have -- never -- had success with going with hard attacking late in a game while down a goal, for me it has been more effective to play a normal style. Hence, its definitely not essential to grab a top striker the first thing you do. If you have that choice, and resources to get a great player, make it a winger or AMC instead of a striker. You are bound to face some crazy set-ups, and at least my standard formations have not been able to handle them all.

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You should definitely look for at least one corner specialist and one free-kick specialist preferably your striker, or AMC. In order to accomplish this your "business plan" needs financing. In this section I will focus on which players to acquire and how to finance your business plan. In other, you want to find a player with high value and low salary.

If the kid is a 5 star, he will be very expensive but he will also reach a great status really fast 7 stars is doable besides gaining a lot of value. If the player starts at stars, he will also become better and gain a lot of value fast, but it will naturally take a longer time to get this player to stars. This player should be a very fast trainer that you should be able to push to 7 stars your first season.

Remember that all these numbers should be based on the data a player has when he is created. If someone have picked up a kid like this and trained and played him hard for a while, the math will be off. Hence, look for players that seems to come from computer generated teams and that has not played any games. This player should also be a very fast trainer, but it will probably take a season or a good part of a season just to get him to a strong 5 star level.

These players usually becomes available very early in the morning, and especially on the first day of the season. This is how it can look in the game lvl 2: Both player is basically at the same level, but still Hauser costs 1. The salary, which is tied to the ability, is more or less the same. Its probably possible to find a bit faster trainers that are stars, but then you got a whole lot of of catching up to do before you get that player too the top level.

Since its perfectly possible to farm enough Tokens to afford these players, I recommend that you get the best of them. My impression is that you will get a lot of strikers recommended. Hence maybe its a good idea to not put a lot of resources into getting a fast trainer as a striker. Lead your team against opponents from around the world.

React instantly to unfolding events by subbing your players or by changing your tactics. Keep a cool head in those crucial minutes before the final whistle! Big spender or bargain hunter? Make your way in the transfer market. Buy and sell players in real-time auctions, negotiate with other Managers or scout and snatch the best talent. Develop the skills and fitness of your players.

Hard work on the training ground will pay off on match-day! So go ahead, challenge him to a game and pick up some of his tactical genius.

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But to become really successful, you also need to know your team, think a lot and outsmart your competitors. It keeps improving and i Love it. I even play it on holiday! Feels as if it is real life as it is very realistic! Absolutely brilliant!