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Per-requirement to Understand this application If you are a beginner and you need to understand what a web service is then you can read the article of the author Vidya Vrat Agarwal sir; the article is. NET Web Services.

Backend Web API With C#: Step-by-Step Tutorial

I hope you read it if you are unfamiliar with web services. What is web services?

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A "web service is the communication platform between two different or same platform applications that allows to use their web method. What does different or same application and platform mean It means that I can create a web service in any language, such as Java or other languages and that the language web service can be used in a.

Net based application and also a. Net web service or in another application to exchange the information. What does web method mean The method in web services always start with [webMethod] attributes, it means that it is a web method that is accessible anywhere, the same as my web application.

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In the above diagram,I have shown,how the Asp. Net based application as wel as java or other applications and you can also use. Net based web application in Java applications means web Services dont have a any platform restrictions. I hope you understand the basics of a web service. So let us start to create the web service.

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Note If you closely observe that ,there is no separate web service template in. Framework as you see in while adding a project or web site it might be because of WCF. So let us start using a different way to add a web service using a template. Select Web Service Template and click on add button.

Then open the Webservice. Subtract dt. In the code above I have declared a one integer method named converttodaysweb with the three parameters day, month and year for accepting day, month and year from the user.

Create an ASP.NET Project

Then after that I created an object of date time and ed the those variables that I get from the users. I declared another variable in the method that is age today to store the number of days remaining from the user's input date to the current date and finally I return that variable.. It's making it hard for developers to justify spending time learning ASP. I've provided sample MVC projects , but it's not the same as a full-fledged production site. You can find out what sites are "built with" what technologies. For developers, this is the site when a developer has a question about a certain technology.


It's now becoming a developer's verb "Why don't you StackOverflow it? There are a ton of other topics like mathematics, game development, and grammar just to name a few. Examine the site list when you get a chance. It just makes sense that Microsoft would eat their own dog food. I've been with GoDaddy. I didn't realize the site was built on MVC. I've been using Dell laptops for as long as I can remember I know I mentioned Microsoft and this could be placed under the same umbrella, but I also have to mention visualstudio.

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Wild Tangent is known for its huge collection of online games you can try, buy, or even rent and play with your friends. According to the search engine results, diply. Marketwatch is another great example of what can be achieved with a great design and granular manipulation using ASP. The site is compact, neat, and tight on design. It's also responsive which is definitely a feather in their cap.

WP Tutorial

The focus of this post was to make developers aware of the potential of what ASP. As you can imagine, these sites receive millions of hits in a month. I know StackOverflow easily receives that amount. Of course, the framework doesn't architect itself. Do you know of another website running on ASP.

Post your site below and let's discuss. Take a look at an Indigo. See the original article here. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Let's be friends: DZone's Guide to. We take a look at ten popular web sites that were written with ASP. Some of the entries on this list might surprise you!

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