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Malware protection is based on an online database that also checks the reputation of individual apps and recommends alternatives. Sophos has a varied feature set, incorporating child protection filters, call blockers and device encryption and more. For many people, Google Calendar probably offers enough functionality and convenience that you'll never need to look around for an alternative. If, however, you fancy a change of scenery and a few additional features, and all still for free, then DigiCal is well worth checking out.

Waze is the best free navigation app because in addition to searching for the best route based on distance, it also takes into account the current traffic congestion along your route. It does this by crowdsourcing real-time congestion information from its users, allowing you to save time by avoiding construction and traffic accident delays in the busiest parts of the city. It also has the option to change the voice to several funny alternatives, and it can warn you when you're speeding.

Another great feature is that it can sync with your calendar so you don't have to type in addresses.

74 best Android apps 2018: Essential apps

Video editing is a tricky category if you're looking for a fully-featured app with a whole bunch of different options, but still don't want to spend any money. Kinemaster is a good compromise for this, if not the one with the most features. For free, you get a super-easy video editor that supports images, clips, music tracks, screenshots and other types of content. Quickly throwing together a video is a quick task, along with editing it and setting it to one of the pre-installed themes.

The downside, however, is that you'll have a small watermark unless you choose to pay for a subscription to the service. For anyone willing to pay a little money to get a lot more manual control over the resulting videos, PowerDirector is worth checking out, or if you want an even simpler video maker, there's Quik, which is free to use for short videos.

Is it the best designed UI? Is it the easiest to use? Not even close it's not hard either, though. But what it does is offer most of the common tools you could want when taking snaps on your phone, including things like time and location stamps, a burst mode, and a really handy widget for the home screen that opens the app and captures a picture with a single press. There are other camera apps with more features available, but you'll have to pay for many of them, whereas Open Camera is totally free. There's a donation version of the app if you want to show your appreciation to the developer though.

ReadEra is a fast and versatile document reader that's great for ebook fans. The app automatically recognizes these types of files on your device and saves your place so it's easy to pick up where you left off the next time you open the app. Overall we found the presentation to be easy on the eyes, and best of all, there aren't even any ads to get in the way of your reading! Ok, there are a lot of good free games for Android that we really love, but if you only have space or time for just one, then Pixel Dungeon stands out for bringing potentially hours of fun for free.

Totally free, without even any ads, although there is an option to donate to the developer to show your appreciation.

The 25 Best Free Android Tablet Apps you must Download

The gameplay itself is rather straightforward fantasy-themed dungeon exploring in the 'Roguelike' genre, where the death of your character is permanent and randomly generated paths and enemies abound. Despite the difficulty, there are enough options and surprises to keep you trying again and again. Sometimes a developer will offer their premium paid app for free on the Play Store for a brief time. Great, but the Play Store is such a crowded marketplace that you're not likely to notice. That's where AppHoarder comes in.

Essentially, this apps keeps a list of paid apps that are temporarily free on Google Play. The app doesn't control for quality, and while you're not likely to find something you want every day, occasionally a real steal will turn up and you'll be glad AppHoarder brought it to your attention.

Get it on the Play Store. Free apps can definitely be good.

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These are both positive examples. It may not seem like it, but the Play Store is actually monitored and maintained.

Individual apps can be categorized into Android Excellence apps. The list is constantly updated and includes mostly mainstream apps, but there will be the occasional one you've never heard of. What were your favorite apps of the year? Do you agree with our choices, or do you have some favorites of your own? Let us know in the comments below! The contents of this article have changed since it was originally published. The comments below may have been left in response to a previous version. Very good list. I'd advice x-plore as the best file manager for functionality, not looks I found the article very helpful.

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Thank you Nicholas Sir. Some free lifestyle category apps which I recommend are "Journey", "Alarmy" and "Daylio". I use waze for some of my commute needs and I also sometimes use Nova launcher. I have also used Microsoft to do which is also free for my to-do list and Google keep for notes and other info I want to be able to find again. I use sendleap to access my texts on a tablet or pc. I Like Signal, I only heard very good opinions. And for navigation, Waze is perfect!

My main applications: Free does mean free, not that you can pay extra to unlock more features, like with Nova Launcher, yes I know you say there is the option to pay for the extras, BUT it is not a free proggy. For best free launcher you really should make it Microsoft Launcher. It's way more feature packed than Nova's free launcher. I have been using Waze for a long time and I am very pleased that I am aware of road events or other unforeseen incidents. As for Signal, I installed it but I can not understand how it works, because it's basically an SMS application and not messaging.

I'll look for other applications. Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, is very helpful my friend. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have Keep up the good work you are doing here. Well, got a good knowledge. I got a lot of information about apps, Your article is extremely helpful and has great information. I value your endeavors and all the best. It's exceptionally helpful data. I will sit tight for your next post.

Keep It up. Thanks For Review here. Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. The best, most addictive Android games so far this year Our favorite apps for every occasion.

28 Free And Best Android Apps For 12222 | Get The Most Out Of Your Phone

Jump to: Best free browser app: Firefox Your favorite browser is a bit of a personal thing and depending on what you want out of that, you may well have a different favorite. Firefox's sync and customization options put it near the top of any best browser list. Nova Launcher One of the classics among the launchers is also available for free: The most modern launcher. Signal If you are looking for a free but recommendable messenger, you have found it with Signal.

Best free music player: Phonograph For a long time, the go-to music player on Android has been Winamp, for its huge range of features and different options. Is there a clear winner in the battle for your productivity?

Best Android Apps You Should Use In 12222

These are the best iPhone and Android apps for having food delivered to your home. Our picks for the best and safest VPNs, browsers, password managers, and chat apps are an easy way t Our picks for the best to-do apps can help you manage tasks, stay on top of to-do lists, remind you Have you ever wanted to dive into a game without leaving your Facebook News Feed or Messenger chats? Black Panther, Deadpool, and other hits are just a few taps away. Google Trips is a free trip planner that can help plan your vacation and ensure you make the most of your trip once you arrive at your destination.

MyFitnessPal is a longstanding calorie counting app with accompanying website that is designed to help us monitor our nutrition as well as raw calorie intake, and it does much more too. Fortnite for Android adopts all the familiar features players have come to love while allowing for cross-play with anyone on console or PC.

Tracks your cognitive states through your breathing to improve focus. Waze adds Deezer for Android to its list of in-app audio streaming services The navigation app now supports eight platforms for music, podcasts and radio stations. Read more. Latest Stories See more 'Brainchild' producer Jerry Kolber shares his favorite apps The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation How to digitally back up and restore your physical keys with the KeyHe