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And here are 1: The oversampling certainly works on the Z2, you can see if you pixel peep in at this level that this is pretty much as 'clean' as Android smartphones get. Yet there's still too much processing overall, compared to the rather splendid realism from the photo. Plus the characteristic red tint from the Sony Xperia camera makes it all too evident which crop looks like real life and which is the fascimile.

The same scene, but this time using the lossless zoom on each device - note that on the Z2 I used the multi-touch splay method, and therefore tried to stay within the capabilities of the sensor, i. I tried not to zoom in beyond the marked soft limit in the UI, after which zooming would have been as blocky as other digital zooms.

Here are 1: Losslessly zoomed in, of course, we're down to 1: Yet the image remains rather good, with just a little noise giving the game away - and see the tiny text above the door, which is actually readable.

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In contrast, stripped of the oversampling, we see how noisy and relatively ghastly the Z2 sensor is down at pixel level. A nice river scene, with interesting distant bridge detail to compare. The Z2 crop is certainly comparable, though the shot, despite being lower resolution, somehow manages to have more detail.

It's becoming apparent in these tests, that the Z2's oversampling is more limited and cruder - which is understandable, since the 's sensor is physically twice the size and with twice the underlying resolution, so there's more light gathered and more pixels available to supply data. The same scene, but this time using the zoom on each device - this time I used the Z2's volume buttons to zoom, which are horribly unoptimised and take the user right into blocky digital zoom territory in a fraction of a second. Probably no comment is needed here, the , at full zoom stretch, starts to show pixel noise, but the result is still useable.

In contrast, with traditional digital zoom applied on top of the initial lossless zoom, the Z2's image is a typical smartphone camera zoom mess.

Some road detail, a pleasant suburban scene. Shot partially into the sun, so I was testing degrees of lens flare, too. It's true that the Z2 image is relatively clean, but it still looks far too 'processed', to my eyes. The effects of oversampling, noise reduction and then sharpening, all leave their tell tale signs. In contrast, the Lumia 5MP shot is almost perfect again - the acid test for these images is if you imagine you're looking through a letter box onto the scene - the looks like real life, the Z2 doesn't.

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Interestingly, the 's normally prone to lens flare, but if you grab the linked image above, you'll see that the Z2 was the one that showed this - you'd definitely want the sun in the arc behind you on this device. Some detail indoors in low artificial light. This is my favourite comparison amongst all. Both camera performed extremely well in this case and has captured its own beauty. Deciding which one was better was a tough choice as for the naked eye, both would prove equally beautiful and shining.

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However, we just need one winner here. Both photos were taken from the same position and it seems the captured more boundaries than the Xperia Z1 — it did the same in most cases. Moreover, the focus is the next point of consideration. I focused on the center of the white flower in both phones. And yes, both phones did capture the core of the flower pretty well. You can even see the shiny water droplets on the flower but the colours again give the the advantage.

Though this was a close call, I must admit that both phones are winners in this shootout but considering deeper aspects from my point of view, the Lumia deserves the final credit. Nokia Lumia Yet another close call. Both phones did capture the image without shakes kudos to OIS. On the focus part, there is a room for a wider choice. Xperia Z1 focused the subject pretty well as well as captured the background details too. Lumia also did a fantastic job in focusing the object at its best sans the background details.

But the colour factor plays a trivial role in evaluating this round. Richer colours in the Lumia amidst the camera bug gives it a heads-up. So, in total, the Lumia did a better job here. The credit goes clearly to Xperia Z1 in this picture. It captured better colours as well as details too. In the original shot, on zooming into the picture, you could even see the grills on the walls of the far away house clearly as well as the adjacent house on the left. Lumia did well too but the final call is with the Xperia Z1. The 1. Colours, sharpness, clarity — you can have no doubt in deciding the winner here.

Victory for the Z1. There is no need to exaggerate here. You might've guessed it from the beginning but the interesting thing is -- the Lumia wasn't bad after all. Infact, it did pretty good on most shots and each verdict was a close call. Both the phones are camera freaks and can take amazing shots. However, for this test, the Xperia Z1 bagged the trophy from the Lumia But kudos to the one time's best camera phone for holding out well and for surprising me with amazing results.

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