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Bart jumps on Homer's shoulder and shoots a steady stream of slingshot fire, Lisa just clears the screen, and Marge triggers a berserker Homer that you can tilt around the screen.

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Each stage is made up of a fighting segment, mid-boss, some more fighting, and then an end boss, with a load screen in between each. The fighting segments can get repetitive and boring at times, but the boss battles bring a wide variety of characters into the mix. In between levels, you get to play one of two mini-games that can win you an extra continue.

The Simpsons Arcade

They are a tilting game where you use Homer's mouth to catch donuts and avoid broccoli, and a button-tapping game where you have to inflate a balloon the fastest. A rather nice touch is the interactive continue screen that is displayed when you lose a life. Homer is sprawled on the floor and you need to slap him back to consciousness by swiping back and forth across his face.

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  4. Woo-hoo! Simpsons Arcade game coming to iPhone.

The Simpsons Arcade is a decent side-scrolling brawler, but there's no getting around the fact that it is sorely limited by having only one playable character and no multiplayer options to speak of. The cut scenes are so well executed that at times it feels like you're actually watching an episode of the Simpsons.

There were a couple of things that spoiled Simpsons Arcade a bit for me.

The Simpsons Arcade | Apps

The first is that you can only play as Homer rather than being able to select a character from the whole family like in the original arcade game. The other downside is that using the on-screen joystick in Simpsons Arcade often obscures your view of Homer.

  • A free game for iPhone.
  • The Simpsons have bowled onto the App Store with The Simpsons Arcade from EA!
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  • Also, there's no pause option, which gets annoying sometimes. Fun gameplay and gorgeous graphics make Simpsons Arcade a must for any fan of America's favorite family.

    What do you think about Simpsons Arcade? Do you recommend it? The game sees you take control of Homer on a mission to save the city from an evil plan hatched by Mr Burns and View full description. Softonic review Remember the classic Simpsons arcade game from the 90s? Konami's coin-op beat-'em-up title leads Sony's monthly online sales chart; inaugural PS Vita top-selling list topped by puzzler Escape Plan.

    Simpsons Arcade

    The Video Game, the Jak and Daxter: Marge battles ghosts with her vacuum all while keeping her hair looking good. Ninjas are no match for a mother hell-bent on revenge trying to save her daughter. Konami's HD update of arcade beat-'em-up includes four-player co-op, unlockable Japanese version, and three modes.

    HD update of beat-'em-up confirmed for release on PlayStation Network on February 7 for paying subscribers only; four-player online co-op included. Australian rating board issues classification for new release of Konami coin-op beat-'em-up; Backbone Entertainment listed as developer.