Ios 7 jailbreak tweaks top 50

It allows file transfer to root directory of the device wirelessly from a web browser. Users can move, edit, rename as well as delete files using iFile application. LockDown Pro 7 is capable of password protecting apps and folders for users. With this tweak installed no one would be able to access your private apps and date on your device. Users can set different passwords for different apps and folders and configure other settings as well. It even protects them from getting delete by an unauthorized user. Want to add a music widget on your homescreen complete with music control and avatar?

Then install MiniPlayer twaek from Cydia. The Messages Customiser tweak from Cydia gives the messages app a unique personality. It allows users to cusomize the colors of bubbles for iMessaages and SMS messages. Users can also choose custom backgrounds, app tint, bubble opacity and more. Messages Customiser tweak is available for free in Cydia. It supports all iOS 7 devices. The NoSlowAnimation is my personal favorite. NoSlowAnimations is available for free, too. Open In App For Photos adds a new option in image viewer that allows users to easily export photos in different third party applications.

The app enables users to export pictures in any app that supports image import. You can download this tweak for free. RecordMyScreen tweak provides an instant way for iOS users to record their on screen activity and share it with their friends.

Top 50 iOS TaiG Jailbreak Compatible Cydia Tweaks [VIDEO] | iPhone in Canada Blog

After installing this tweak users can assign an Activator action to it and instantly start recording after performing that action. There are a few options to configure that can be found within the Settings app. RecordMyScreen is available for free. Swipey adds a simple app launcher to the lockscreen that can be accessed simply by swiping. Swipey allows upto to six apps to be added in the launcher. SwipeSelection is an infamous jailbreak tweak that recently got updated for iOS 7.

It brings a new way to edit text on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch making the task easier by adding gestures. SwipeSelection is free as well.

It bypasses the limitations from the carrier. The Virtual Home tweak converts Touch ID into a home button allowing users to get to the homescreen simply by touching their home button and not pressing it. Virtual Home tweak is for iPhone 5s only and is available for free. This tweak enables iOS users to apply themes and other third party visual elements on their device giving iOS a fresh new look. Winterboard is free.

Checkout Winterboard themes. Zeppelin enables iOS users to give their device a personal touch by replacing the carrier name with a cool logo from their favorite brand, game or movie. It is a free download. Barrel adds animations to the homescreen that appears when users swipes to go from one page to another.

There are tens of animations for this tweak. CyDelete makes it easier to delete applications that were downloaded from Cydia. Its free. It also allows them to disable camera grabber, time and other elements of the lockscreen. CustomLS is free.

This makes using the device less painful for the eyes. Flat Notes: It replaces the paper texture of the app with a plain white background. It is free. Fake Carrier: On non-iPhone devices it simply adds the user specified text in the status bar. It is free as well. GlowDock tweak adds a nice looking glow behind the icons of the iOS 7 dock. Just like its name suggests NoPageDots7 tweak removes the page indicators from the homescreen.

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NoSwitcherIcons removes the icons that appear on the app switcher screen right below the app previews. There are no settings to configure and it is available for free. Photo Blackground: Photo Blackground adds a black background in the back when user is viewing photos replacing the usual white one. Its free, too. With Ringdom installed iOS users can set multiple ringtones at once. The selected ringtones are ringed randomly. Ringdom is free in Cydia. The SBPowerAlert is a simple pop up that gives users option to reboot their device, turn it off, view available RAM, put it in safe mode and more.

SBPowerAlert pop up can be accessed using an activator action. Slide2Kill 7: The tweak has an option that allows users to exclude specific apps from being killed. SkipLock simply removes the lockscreen when there are no pending notifications or passcode protection allowing users to access their device simply by pressing the home button or the lock button.

It is free, too.

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Share Widget for iOS 7: Users can press the button for Facebook or Twitter to quickly share a status on the popular social networking websites. This simple tweak removes the voicemail button from the Phone app. It is a blessing for those who do not use the Voicemail feature.

VoicemailRemoveriOS7 is a free tweak. The uncover team is currently privately beta testing the iOS 12 jailbreak among developers. Once the Alkaline will allow you to theme your battery. This tweak will add animations to your notification banner and app switcher. This tweak gives you additional information when downloading apps from the AppStore.

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The best TouchID tweak that adds another layer of protection to your iPhone. This tweak lets you pick and choose how your notifications center is formatted. Add a boot up sound to your iPhone with BootSound. Bring life to the music app with colorize. The app will dynamically match the album art color. This makes changing your brightness even easier. A tweak that completely transforms your lock screen. The new Barrel. A ton of page swiping animations that are stackable.

50+ iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks and Themes on my iPhone; What’s on your iPhone?

Use this to record your iPhone display. Add animations to your dock. DrunkMode disables messaging when enabled. Completely change the color of the iOS 7 UI. Change the color or hide the grabbers completely in your notification center or lock screen. This tweak adds icon masks for themes. This is a must have.

50 Killer Jailbreak Tweaks That Will Make Most iPhone Users Jealous

Add as many icons to your dock as you want. The awesome free and very popular lock screen tweak that gives you quick launch applications. Completely change the look and feel of your messages with with tweak. Mobius allows you to continuously scroll through your springboard pages. Easily move multiple icons at a time when in wiggle mode. Change the look and functionality of your quick launch apps in your Control Center.

PowerDown Pro: PowerDown Pro gives your more options when you hold down the power button. A simple tweak that changes the pointed corners of your screen to rounded.