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FrostWire is primarily popular as an Android app through the Google Play Store, and all of the above options have a Google Play Store app currently available as minimum criteria. Additionally, all of these options have good ratings 4. See also: Is torrenting legal? Not only can you ISP see all of the content that you download through torrents, anyone sharing the P2P network can gather information about you, such as your IP address, files that you torrent, and potentially your location and personal information.

The best way to protect your identity while torrenting is by using a VPN. Additionally, as ISPs often block or significantly slow down torrent traffic, a VPN will help ensure your torrents are fast. Not only are servers fast and reliable, but ExpressVPN also has strict no-logs policies designed to ensure your identity is kept safe from everyone. Get 3 months free here with the ExpressVPN annual plan , including a day money back guarantee, risk-free, no questions asked.

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Many of these options are also available on Windows and may be available on other operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and iOS. Best Grooveshark and LimeWire alternatives in BitTorrent has a client for Windows, Mac, and Android, and is highly rated among current users. Most people who use the Android version turn to it for the name recognition as well as the overall simplicity of the app. Find out more on the BitTorrent website. There is a separate website set up for community translation assistance , however.

Vuze has been around for some time and its frog symbol is highly recognizable at this point. Current users enjoy its ease-of-use and interface, while it has a fairly standard set of features for torrent users.

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Unlike some of the options, Vuze also has a torrent search and discovery option, as well as Wi-Fi-only settings that prevent it from using up precious mobile data allotments. Perhaps the biggest downside to this app is that, of as writing, it has not been updated over 2 years.

FrostWire not working? Try these 10 FrostWire alternatives

Read more on the Vuze website. You can use aTorrent for most torrenting needs.

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The app also provides parallel downloading, Wi-Fi-only downloads, and supports half a dozen protocols. TorrDroid is exactly as it sounds: A torrent app specifically for Android. As such, there are no other options to use this app outside of Android.

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The app is designed to streamline the process as much as possible with a search function. WeTorrent is offered up by developer Tap. FrostWire is a multi-platform app, which works as a combined BitTorrent client, search engine and media player. The software allows users to search for files, download them, share them, and play them, all within the same application. In essence, it is a peer-to-peer file sharing app, with similarities to the now defunct Limewire software.

As a stand-alone application, the software is safe to use.

Also available in other platforms

However, questions over the safety of the application stem from the fact that the files downloaded through the service are not regulated or scanned for viruses, and so could be infected. It is, therefore, recommended that users only download from trusted sources, have up-to-date virus protection software installed and scan any downloaded files before opening them. The service and software itself is legal to own. Issues and concerns surrounding its legality centre around the fact that it can be used to download or share illegal content, such as copyrighted films, music, TV shows and games.

FrostWire not working? Try these 10 FrostWire alternatives

While this practice is illegal, there are perfectly legitimate uses for FrostWire as a file-sharing service. Searches can be done using only keywords Downloads are easy with straightforward process. FrostWire 4 oldest version FrostWire 6. Developer Name: Frostwire Number of programs by Frostwire: FrostWire See all 1 programs. Check here for scan results and additional info. The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country.

We do not encourage the use of a software if it violates laws in your country. All rights reserved to Downloadastro.

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