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New features include 60 and FPS slow motion that you can activate with a simple tap and hold, and eight real-time video filters. How much of Creative Cloud 's Premiere Pro can you squeeze into a free app? Not a lot, it transpires; Premiere Clip might share a name with Adobe's mighty desktop editor, but it's actually a pretty lightweight app for stitching photos and video together on the go. Which is no bad thing. Actually, Premiere Clip carries it all off rather well, with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to add media as well as transitions and music, and the ability to import custom effects from other CC tools.

When you're done, you can export your finished work to Creative Cloud. As the name suggests, this app pitches itself as a tool for professionals and it definitely lives up to the title. Just like in a desktop video app, you can arrange and rearrange your clips in a storyboard and add transitions, effects and a soundtrack.

Pinnacle Studio Pro gives you precise control over your creation — you can trim individual frames of your video, create slow and fast motion segments, add motion titles, pan and zoom on your photos and edit audio. Hyperlapse uses impressive stabilisation technology to enable you to shoot high quality time-lapse videos without a tripod.


It's so good at smoothing out shakes that you can even use it to polish footage taken while you're walking, running or riding on a bumpy vehicle. When your video is complete you can make it up to 12x the original speed. SloPro's concept seems simple — to let you create slow-motion video — but in practice it's a little more complicated than that, as all good cinematographers will tell you. Let's start with the easy part: This means you can slow the video down to half-speed, and it'll still look as smooth and fluid as normal.

It works really well, and is superb for mid-speed motion think people playing football rather than swinging a golf club. But using various clever techniques, it can also slow down video from other devices to that speed — just not as crisply — or slow the video from any device to other slower speeds, including to a ridiculous or even frames per second, making every move appear to run at positively glacial speeds. The results will never look as good as the true high-speed recording that you see in sports coverage on TV, but it can be impressive.

Getting to grips with what the app means by settings such as 'Slow', 'Slower' and 'Slowest' can takes some fiddling, but it's generally quite easy to use. There's a mini editing suite in the app too, so you can trim your footage and decide what speed it should be, then export it to your Camera Roll to use elsewhere if you want. You're unlikely to put it mildly to see iMovie being used to make the next Hollywood blockbuster, but Apple's video-editing app is ideal for home movies, or short films to go online.

From there, you can use the Precision Editor tool, and the Themes and Transitions, to craft and fine-tune your movie. You can add titles, choose from a range of sound effects to add some texture to your film, and add background music from your own library or compose your own in GarageBand. Though iMovie doesn't do everything, it's capable of some truly impressive results in a very short amount of time.

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The interface is intuitive, it's reliable, and it's got a great range of export options, including uploading your finished film straight to the net, or sending it to iTunes so you can continue editing on a Mac. There are a few contenders for the scriptwriting crown on iOS, but Celtx's combination of universal support, cloud support to link to the desktop version of Celtx and useful context-sensitive buttons to quickly build your script means it gets our pick.

You can create screenplays, theatre scripts, comic scripts and more, with the on-screen options and layout tailored for each different kind of work. The various buttons make sure that you're always working in the right way, with different elements of the script laid out in the right place, without you having to worry about alignment or anything like that. Some are squeezed-down smartphone versions of powerful, desktop, video-editing software, while others are inventive new tools for the Instagram generation of social sharers.

There are specialist video-making apps for special effects, stop-motion and even virtual reality film-making, and novelty apps to raise a smile with face swapping or retro filters. Here are 20 of the best apps to try in , whatever your level of expertise. Simple touch controls belie powerful tools for editing your clips together, before sharing them with friends. All free unless otherwise stated. From werewolves and zombies to earthquakes and meteor strikes, FxGuru is a fun app for adding Hollywood-style special effects to your own clips.

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Filming your child playing with a giant, menacing mech-robot was never so easy. This app from Mattel is for Minecraft -mad children who want to make stop-motion movies with their favourite characters, from pigs to creepers, which are sold separately. Kids will get the hang of shooting quickly, and have lots of fun.

Perfect for everyone from beginners to videography pros, it has bags of features — slo-mo, time-lapse, all manner of aspect-ratio options and even a vertical-orientation mode. Virtual reality headsets, from Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard, are growing in popularity. Splash is one of the first apps that helps you shoot degree video to be watched on them, as well as shared with friends who can watch them without a headset.

A mobile craze in , but Dubsmash has legs well into Another powerful video-editing app which, like iMovie, has its roots on desktop computers. Instagram has a number of spin-off apps, including Hyperlapse and Layout. But Boomerang is very inventive: Originally focused on capturing video, MoviePro added editing features to make it a good all-round option for budding mobile film directors. Shooting, editing and sharing are easy, but it has some surprisingly professional depths to explore too.

Watching live streams of other people playing games has become one of the hottest forms of online TV. Mobcrush is a way to broadcast your own mobile gaming skills direct from your device on Android or via a companion Mac app on iOS.

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